Our Services

Hello Oslo AS is a startup company that offers content creating and social media management. We are aiming to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs of Oslo who need help to put themselves out there. It can be both short and long term cooperation, depending on their needs.

Clean Space

  • SoMe strategy, promotion tactics and analytics

  • Influencer marketing

  • Facebook fans growth

  • Instagram management and growth

  • Graphic design

  • Photography

  • Written content in Norwegian and English

Sharon Elkouby

Content & SoMe Manager


" My main work is to take a project and divide it into pieces. We care about the best value for money, that’s why when I create a SoMe strategy I aim at the highest quality results for customer's pay. It includes promotion tactics and analytics. For me the main importance is to discuss the results by explaining the insights of business performance."

Marius Larsen


" I'm going to tell a story about your brand. Every post on Instagram, every article on the website and any other written content give your business individuality and feature your ideas and concepts. My job is to get readers to know you and make them understand what your product is about."

Andrey Belov

" Photography has many forms and includes countless genres, my speciality however is interior, lifestyle, food and events. Years of photography practice along with the education background in digital communication and culture studies are two major components of my experience. And I assure you of featuring your brand at its finest! "

The Team

Ayana Kawakami
Graphic Designer

" Behind the visuals there is always a message, and when I work on your logo, website or menu I create a design that would define your brand identity. This is the face of your business, the one that can help you grow, and I work thoroughly on each stage of logo creating process. "

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the use of various techniques on social media platforms to spread brand awareness and to promote a product or service

to convert a target audience into customers.

Why use Social Media for Marketing?

  • Your customers are on social media

  • Save effort, time and money

  • To reach new markets

  • Access to audience Insights

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