One of the highlights of the summer... is Sørenga ☀️🙌 If you like privacy and listening to the sound of the sea, this is not for you 😅 But for you who want to feel the vibration of the city, there is no place like Sørenga on a hot summer day.

Sørenga is the city's new Aker Brygge. It was remodeled a few years ago when residential complexes were built along with all kinds of different restaurants, a wooden deck was placed and voila... You have the new hub in town, surrounded by water and a beautiful view of the Oslofjord. 🇳🇴

The swimming pool is open to the public all year round, there are comfortable facilities there and many sauna options in Sukkerbitten, one of which is @fahrenheitoslo (read our post about them). 🧖‍♀️

Other surroundings to check:

☀️ Oslo Bukta- for great food.

☀️ Barcode

☀️ Deichman Bjørvika

☀️ Opera house

☀️ Munch museum.

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