Prohibition 1923

Around the year of 1920 the act of going to a bar and drinking alcohol was illegal. Now, a 100 years later, the pandemic restrictions have in many ways reintroduced what was called the prohibition era. 🍸

The roaring 20’s as we know it was shrouded in a mystical culture of secret clubs, called “Speakeasies” that popped up as a result of the ban on alcohol. Clubs and parties that sustained itself on secrecy and bootleg booze. This culture has now been revived with the new concept @prohibition1923 Haven’t you ever looked at an anonymous metal door somewhere and dreamed that behind it a secret party was taking place, only for you who are in the know? 🧐

Its time to party like the roaring twenties again! 💃

Prohbition 1923 was started by the two amazing jazz musicians Edvard and Martin in 2020. They have travelled all over the world, from Paris to New Orleans, playing jazz with their band Swing It 🎷 Whilst travelling they realized that the lack of “speakeasy” jazz parties was shockingly widespread. That gave them the idea of organizing it all themselves. After hosting their first “Speakeasy” party with their band, they had to shut down the concept due to restrictions. That gave birth to their club concept that focuses on music, cocktails and transporting you a 100 years back in time with fringed flappers, feathered headdress, pinstripe suits and quellazaires. 😍

Now both the Prohibiton Parties and Clubs are rolling, and their events get sold out as soon as there are tickets popping up❗️Which is understandable, as these parties really take you back in time with the whole package, the clothes, music, bands, dancing, the trapeze artists and flame spitters and the clean old fashioned drinks. If you’d like to dress up and party like the roaring 20’s you know who provides ❣️


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