You may have heard this charming story before about a young, creative advertising woman 💁🏼‍♀️ who has a lot of skills, time and flour at her disposal. @skillingsoslo is celebrating 1 year, so we caught up with this lady, Nicoline, to hear how she's doing and what the future holds.

But let's start from the beginning...

A year ago, when the whole Corona situation started, Nicoline was about to start a new job and, like many others, found herself laid off for uncertain time. "I was sad and frustrated of course, but as a person I can't just sit down and do nothing". She decided to experiment a little, get a bit sassy, and PINK 💕 With a winning recipe from her aunt, plus extra butter and sugar to make it even more tasty, she started selling Skillingsboller from her apartment in Skillebekk.

With lots of online visibility and innovative campaigns, Skillings became a sensation in the city. "People started ordering, and then cafés contacted me to produce for them as well." It's no surprise that it became too much for a home kitchen, and now she has a production space and a pastry chef to help her spread Skillings around Oslo 🚲

After proving herself as a marketing badass 💪 she declined to return to her new position and instead opened her own branding company called @noeoslo with an old colleague. Now she partners with brands and leads them to success. "Noe is much smaller than a big agency. But we think we're easier and more efficient to work with. And maybe a little crazier too".

We wish them the best of luck and are glad that Skillings are here to stay. Get yours over a good coffee at @moccaoslo@dapper_bar@javaoslo or send a DM to get it by the door ✨

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