The Dhal Company

Right at Alexander Kjellands Plass, The Dhal Company has opened their first store with an uncommon concept for a take away spot. A frozen ready meal (dal or curry) that you can heat up yourself at home and enjoy the real Indian flavors. Gotta tell you… It's delicious! 💯

It's no secret that Norwegians love 2 things... Frozen food and Indian food 😂 In The Dhal Company you get a great deal of a quick hot dish that is not overly expensive and has lots of healthy benefits!

The idea first came to Kristoffer, a young enthusiast with a passion for India and food. He started cooking dahl at home and selling it at @reko_ring events. After receiving very positive feedback from customers, he set up a production kitchen in Kolbotn, teamed up with Bård and together they opened the store. These guys have plans to distribute these amazing dishes to big stores, but also keep their local hub where neighbors can have a nice chat, get a friendly discount and enjoy the hot dish of the day.

A little more about the food...

Every day they have one of their dals with rice and toppings for 80kr! A great way to try out the food and decide if you want to buy larger packs to cook at home. These pre-cooked frozen meals take about 15-20 minutes to reheat. It’s enough for 2-3 people and it’s a perfect easy dinner if you add some rice. In the store you can usually meet Bård, who will be happy to tell about different dish varieties and special ingredients.

These guys take the message of supporting local producers, avoiding food waste, and sustainability to the extreme. They try to think through every aspect of the business and act creatively about how they can do better for the environment and help smaller businesses thrive together.

Drop-by their little shop on the next rainy cold day (wonder when it’ll be 😀) to enjoy a delicious Dahl!

Bjerregaards gate 70A, 0174 Oslo

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