Time for some ramen!!! 🍜

We were craving for the amazing noodle soup already for few days (thanks to this weather 😉) and this place is just a must! 👇


In Japan, you can find Ramen in every single corner so we are happy to have a little piece of Tokyo here in Oslo📍

But it’s a fusion after all and Hrimnir weaves together Japanese culinary traditions with Nordic flavors and techniques.

Hrimnir is a part of Lava restaurant group and as always, the focus here is local products and new exciting flavors. The biggest difference is that they make their own noodles 😍 and the broth gives proper umami taste.

The menu changes every now and then and both vegetarian and vegan options are not only available but also delicious 🤤

For these guys sustainability is a big deal♻️ It is one of the main goals and they make every possible effort to achieve it. You’ll find all kinds of pickles, vinegars, home made kefir and even kombucha!

Hrimnir is also a member of Amoi which is an online market with a great variety of local products delivered to the door. Check them out they are pretty amazing!