Support Local Businesses

Hello Oslo uses social media platforms to create a city guide.


We believe that a great city is made by great people and this is the reason why we wish to introduce our crowd to local businesses and entrepreneurs. In our posts we are telling the story of the business or featuring their concept, so you get a more welcoming feeling when you go there.

Now is the time to #supportlocalbusiness more than ever. So we work hard on contacting new actors in private sector that need the exposure, as well as the good oldies that have been here for a while and deserve to stay.


Let's Work Together!

Hello Oslo AS is a startup company established in November 2020, that offers content creating and social media management. We are aiming to work with local businesses and entrepreneurs of Oslo who need help to put themselves out there. It can be both short and long term cooperation, depending on their needs.

Our goal is to make clients independent as we share our expertise in helpful applications, digital tools and major social media trends, and guide them through their website so that they can apply this knowledge themselves.

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